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Emergency Zone's 12 volt work light comes packed with features that would allow you to work in just about any condition imaginable. The light plugs into your nearest 12V outlet while providing plenty of flexibility with its 15 foot long cord. You can hold the light in your hand, hang it with the hook, attach it to the side of your car with its magnet on the back, or let it stand on its own with its tripod. This light is great for automobile, boating, camping, and emergency use.

  • Plug into any 12V outlet for a quick and easy light source
  • 15' cord allows you to comfortably use your light around your car
  • Tripod mode allows you to focus on your task at hand without needing an extra person holding the light for you
  • Multidirectional head allows you to point the light in the direction that you need

12 V Work Light

SKU: 2305
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