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Ravin R500E Sniper Package is Ravins top-end crossbow. Designed for shooters who want pinpoint accuracy and industry high speeds. This is the fastest crossbow ever created. Complimented by a fully adjustable Turret Scope, the R500 Sniper delivers speeds of 500fps and utilizes the new proprietary HexCoil Cam System. The cams rotate a full 360 allowing the bow when fully cocked to be 3.6inches in width and only 28inches in length! Utilizing the new VersaDrive Cocking System that has a screw drive that moves the Trac Tigger Firing System (TTFS) back and forth. The internal clutch within the VersaDrive eliminates over-cocking and uncocking process that can be stopped or resumed at any time. Ravins Electronic Drive System allows for effortless cocking and de-cocking while still allowing for manual operation at anytime!


  • HexCoil Cam System, New R500 Draw Handle, Ravin Adjustable Turrets Scope, 3.6 inches fully cocked, Silent, Accurate, 500fps and with Electronic Drive Kit
  • Fully assembled Ravin Crossbow
  • Ravin Electronic Motor Kit
  • Adjustable Turret Scope
  • 3 arrow Quiver and Mounting Bracket
  • Ravin R500 Draw Handle
  • 6-Pack of Ravin .001 Premium Arrows & Field Points (400 Grain Total)

Ravin R500 Electric Sniper Crossbow Package

SKU: 1130072
$3,849.99 Regular Price
$3,080.00Sale Price

Tis the season!

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