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Mountain Man Sulfate Free Shampoo is sulfate free and a treat for both for your hair and scalp. This mild shampoo was formulated using a sulfate-free botanical formula that creates a foamy later and leaves your scalp feeling pampered while softening and cleansing your hair. The base formula contains organic, plant based good for your scalp and hair botanicals including organic sage leaf, organic horsetail, organic calendula, organic chamomile, organic ginseng root, oat extract, organic lemon peel extract and organic aloe vera leaf extract combined with Pro Vitamin B-5 to improve moisture balance and hair strength. Completely paraben free.

Mountain Man Sulfate Free Shampoo is for both men and women but men tend to really like this outdoorsy fresh scent. This blend of essential oils contains lavender (good for hair growth), lemongrass (good to fight dandruff), palmarosa (regulates sebum production), cedarwood (good for promoting hair growth, preventing hair loss and balancing sebum production), geranium (regulates excess oil and promotes a healthy scalp) and clar