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Settle in for a peaceful night's sleep under this dual-purpose luxury quilt, which is super soft on one side, waterproof on the reverse.


  • Width: 55in / 140cm + zip off panel 20in / 50cm
  • Length: 80in / 205cm
  • Total Floor Space: 30.89 sqft / 2.87sqm


  • Packed Weight: 1.8 kg / 4 lbs


  • Tough and water resistant on one side, soft and luxurious on the other
  • Can be used as: under hammock quilt, around (cocoon) hammock quilt, picnic blanket, or quilt
  • Zip off panel to allow for a bigger/smaller size depending on needs
  • Multiple adjustment toggles to get the right fit

Crua Deluxe Quilt

SKU: 630941002964