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The Cass Creek Mega Amp 20x Electronic Predator is the loudest, 120 plus decibel, handheld directional call Cass Creek has ever made. Twice as loud as the previous version, it easily fits in your hand like a megaphone, with the simple to use controls you will be calling in predator in no time. Don’t be fooled by the price, the Mega Amp 20x will give you the hunting edge without breaking the bank. The weather-resistant call is perfect for the experienced and novice predator hunters. The new Cass Creek hunter brown finish blends into the surroundings so you don’t stand out. The call uses 4 AA standard batteries for hours of use and comes with a belt clip. Each of the 20 calls are the essential calls every hunter needs to bring the game in closer. The calls featured are Locator, Female Howl, Mouse, Baby Pig Distress, Howls, Alpha Challenge, Rat Squeal, Rodent, Wounded Coyote, Hog Distress, Territorial Beta Male, Crow Baby Distress, Adult Cat Distress, Cottontail Distress, Fawn Distress, Coyote Food Fight, Fleming Hare Distress, Grey Fox Pups, and Jackrabbit Young Distress.


  • Designed to be a super loud handheld directional predator call for Coyotes, Bobcats, and Fox; LED call indicator light for low light hunting
  • Ergonomic spotlight grip allows you to point the call in the direction you want the sound to project
  • Easy one hand call control, thumb wheel on and off volume control and trigger broadcast
  • Authentic animal recordings combined with digital sound quality makes it a take anywhere call
  • Simple design focuses on projecting sound for close game encounters
  • 20 calls for predator hunting

More Information

  • Color: Brown
  • Primary Color: Brown