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Buck Ridge Aged Sandalwood Alcohol Free Roll-on Fragrance Oil matches our our other sandalwood items which are extremely popular with both men and women. The scent is a blend of classic sandalwood with vanilla and musk for a fragrance that is loved by both our male and female customers alike.  

Our roll on perfume and cologne oils are a dry oil made using only the finest oils nature has to offer including Organic Argan, Macadamia Nut and Jojoba oils. There is no alcohol in this product making it non-flammable and safer to ship than standard perfumes and colognes and it is better for your skin!

When this fragrant oil is applied to your skin it quickly penetrates and soaks in leaving application site soft and moisturized rather than just laying atop your skin or drying it with alcohol. (Also helps keep it from just washing off.)

This oil is light weight and will not leave a greasy feeling behind. Please note: Do not use on broken skin, face or lips. Fragrance or essentials for a perfume or cologne are too concentrated for delicate facial skin. 

This is a subtle fragrance that isn't overwhelming and different from other colognes or perfumes. Great to use in combination with our other products of the same scent. 

To use: Heat activates the fragrance in our roll-on fragrance oils. Pulse points are the best spots to apply your scent. Examples are: behind ears, sides of throat, inside wrists, inside elbows and behind knees. Rub in any excess oil. Allow to soak in and w